The Bipolar Bears


March 28th, 2013


There’s been so much news recently in The Bipolar Bears’ world! But first, let’s discuss what everyone’s been talking about and try to dispel some of the crazy rumors.

To Confirm:
Yes, we did buy a bus.
Yes, it is bright green with darker green paint splatter.
Yes, we are planning on taking it on tour this summer.
And yes, it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.

To Deny:
No, it does not and will not float, and we will not be making a transatlantic voyage in it for the European leg of our summer tour.
To dispel an even more dangerous rumor: No, Davie will not be the sole driver of this bus, and will probably not be driving it at all.
And No, it’s not powered by peace love and music. It runs on diesel. ┬áCome on guys.

In summary, take a look at that beautiful thing, and we’ll see every single one of you this summer!


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