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May 6 13

Single Release Update!


trailsofsmoke PNG

The day is upon us.  The entire single will drop Saturday afternoon, and here’s how we’re going to do it:

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The Bipolar Bears

Apr 24 13

Single Release set for May 7



We’re very pleased to announce that our new single, Trails of Smoke, will be digitally released on May 7th. We recorded it a few months ago with the renowned Omar Vallejo in his 512 studios, and it’s now time to unleash it so it can roam the web freely as it was always meant to do. FREE is the key word here- For the first week, you will be able to download it for FREE from a variety of places that we will post links to on the day of release.

We are also playing an accompanying Single Release Show on May 10th (the following Friday) at Club Deville, one of our favorite venues in the Red River district of Austin TX.  We can’t wait for all of you to be able to hear it, so in the meantime, please enjoy the gorgeous cover art by our good friend and esteemed painter, Parker James Johnson.

Mar 28 13




There’s been so much news recently in The Bipolar Bears’ world! But first, let’s discuss what everyone’s been talking about and try to dispel some of the crazy rumors.

To Confirm:
Yes, we did buy a bus.
Yes, it is bright green with darker green paint splatter.
Yes, we are planning on taking it on tour this summer.
And yes, it’s the most beautiful thing we’ve ever seen.

To Deny:
No, it does not and will not float, and we will not be making a transatlantic voyage in it for the European leg of our summer tour.
To dispel an even more dangerous rumor: No, Davie will not be the sole driver of this bus, and will probably not be driving it at all.
And No, it’s not powered by peace love and music. It runs on diesel.  Come on guys.

In summary, take a look at that beautiful thing, and we’ll see every single one of you this summer!

Feb 10 13

Music Video Release


The Bipolar Bears Music Video: I Want You

The day is finally upon us!  We are very excited to release our new music video, I Want You, directed by the extremely talented Marshall Douglis, this Saturday 2/16/2013.  We will be having an outdoor screening that night on the cul de sac at 8 PM (please join the Facebook Event for more details), and encourage all that are interested to please come and enjoy the premier.  Shortly after the screening we will upload the video to Vimeo and Youtube, and will post links so that everyone can find it easily.

We’re very excited, and hope you are too!  Austinites, save the date and we’ll see you at the premier.  For the rest of you, catch it on the web!

Jan 31 13

Important Public Service Announcement


Hi all. Please take a moment to watch this deeply moving PSA,


which we hope will inspire you to take action & vote for us in the Austin Chronicle Music Poll. The deadline is February 1st, so please vote TODAY to ensure that your vote is counted.

Also, we had a great time at Swan Dive the other night with the Berkshire Hounds, and it was all recorded on glorious 1 inch tape & filmed in HD. And let’s not forget the amazing light show by Ethan Gaines. High quality live videos coming to YouTube, Vimeo, & this site soon!

Jan 18 13

Brand New Photos!


The Bipolar Bears

After a very enjoyable day last Sunday of cruising around in the van and taking photos, we were presented last evening with some truly great shots.  Our very own official photographer, Andrea Aycock, does some stunning work and we were exceedingly pleased that she was willing and able to help update our image with beautiful new photos.  You can check them out on our photos page here.  We hope you enjoy!

Dec 21 12

Mastering Finished for Brand New Single


After one more long night with the infinitely patient Omar Vallejo, we are finished with our new single: Trails of Smoke.  If you’ve been to one of our shows in the last few months, you’ve heard it, but it’s never sounded better than with the vision and know-how of Omar behind the board.

I’m also excited to announce that our good friend Parker Johnson is currently making the artwork for the single, and from the peeks I’ve seen, it’s going to be beautiful.

We’re going to have a link on this very site soon where you can pre-order a 7″ vinyl copy, so please keep your eyes out!  It will also be available on iTunes in the very near future.  What better way to spend those iTunes giftcards that always pile up around the holidays?

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